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18 July 2016

A Foodie Photo Diary from Madrid, Spain

Following me on Instagram? Then you'll know that Alex and I recently took a trip to the beautiful Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid may be a little less known than Barcelona but, in my view, it is a foodies paradise. What makes it even better is that the prices are unbelievably reasonable - we often ate out for less than 15 euros per person for dinner!

Today I'm sharing my foodie snaps from the break but if you want more information on each place just leave a comment below.

26 June 2015

Lisbon Photo Diary

Just a quick post today to share my favourite foodie and beach snaps from the stunning city of Lisbon. Known as Lisboa to locals, the capital city of Portugal offers visitors sun, sea and incredible food. I must have made my way through 15 pastel de nata (Portuguese Egg Tarts) during my time there, and even travel out to Belem to visit the best pastel de nata shop in the city. Enjoy the snaps and Happy Friday! 
On board our EasyJet flight - no fear, no worries!
Our first pastel de nata at a small coffee hut in the middle of the main road into Lisbon
Chilling by the pool at our 5* Hotel (we only stayed here one night)
Our first experience of Lisbon's famous sea food; from fresh lobsters to stunning prawns, oysters and clams
The beautiful square in the center of Lisbon. From here you arrive in Down Town or the party area
The monument to discoveries. This thing was huge! We sent on friend up to take photos and we chilled by the sea instead.
The view from beneath the monument

 Exploring Cascai (cash-kei). The harbour town is rammed with tourists but boasts amazing restaurants and views if you leave the main area.

 We devoured the grilled grub from this tiny little restaurant. We waited over an hour for a table and enjoyed a place of 'meat' or 'fish'. I got sardines, the boys got pork chops
 The modern art collection in Belem. This photo does not do justice to how huge this building is. We explored the stunning collection of 20th and 21st Century art works and installations. 
Inside the modern art collection building.

 And finally the beautiful cathedral in Belem. 

23 September 2014

Snowdonia, North Wales

To celebrate Alex's birthday and take some time off before he heads to university, we took a short trip to Snowdonia, North Wales. Alex climbed Mount Fuji two years ago and so we decided to climb Mount Snowdon. Crazy; I know! Thus I haven't been posting for the last week. Taking the time out to appreciate time together, nature and a slower pace of life meant being without my phone or laptop. I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone who feels a touch addicted to technology and needs a break.

Today I wanted to share some snaps with you from our holiday. Tomorrow I will share my epic Wales swag including Snowdonia cheeses, jams, spreads, chutneys and, of course, cakes!

18 August 2014

Travel Diary: Scotland, Day 1

As many of you know I recently took a long weekend trip to Scotland. I've visited this stunning country before, but never as far North as I ended up. In fact I ended up at the end of the road; John O'Groats. Famed for being the last town in the UK, John O'Groats is certainly a very quite place - full of lovely, welcoming people and amazing views. Here's my travel diary from Day 1, with the rest to come soon.

14 August 2014

It's Afternoon Tea Week! Afternoon Tea at Ackergill Tower, Wick

Guess what!? It's afternoon tea week. Doesn't that absolutely middle class and yet wonderfully fun at the same time. Afternoon tea is the meal in the day that isn't really a meal, but more of an occasion to eat yourself into a food coma with delicious cakes, desserts and, of course, finger sandwiches.

In the spirit of this week, I thought I would jump ahead on my scheduled blog posts to share my recent afternoon tea at Ackergill Tower. Located north of Wick in the Highlands, Scotland, Ackergill Tower is a striking and sumptuous location for afternoon tea with a wonderful menu of goodies to chose from.

9 April 2014

Photo Diary Day 5, Stockholm

So here we are on our final day of Scandi travels. Now apologies this post is a little behind the others; we’ve had so many events and reviews to go to since getting back that I have had no time to sit and write my last travel diary. But better late than never, here it is! Today we finish up in Stockholm, visit the Moderna Museet, The Architecture and Design Centre, dine at the Vigara Barbeque and discover my fear of flying…

1 April 2014

Photo Diary Day 4, Stockholm

Welcome back to my travel diary of our recent trip to Scandinavia. Today we explore more of Stockholm heading onto new islands and tucking into some incredible food.

31 March 2014

Photo Diary Day 3, Copenhagen - Stockholm

So today we travel to Stockholm! 

We started the day with another all-you-can-eat breakfast from our hotel, which was a little cheaper than the DAC at just 70DKK (around £7). We tucked into boiled eggs, rye toast, ham, juice, tea and cheeses. Very continental and actually quite good for a hotel breakfast. After that we headed very miserably to the train station then onto the airport!

29 March 2014

Photo Diary Day 2, Copenhagen

On Day 2 of our travels around Scandinavia we visited the cultural island of Christianhaven. Home to Denmark’s famed freetown, the Danish Architecture Centre and stunning views along canals Christainhaven is filled with interesting foodie hotspots and architecture gems.

After last night’s antics at BioMio we were keen to start early but certainly feeling the effects of the late night. So what’s better than a massive eat-as-much-as-you-like breakfast? As I said on Day 1, Denmark is very expensive so I fully recommend signing up for a table at the Danish Architecture Centre’s brunch café. You can stock up on as much food as your like for 90 minutes at just 120DKK (~£12) which is an absolute bargain! We tucked into waffles, fresh fruit, salmon and eggs, bacon and German sausages, different breads, juices, tea, coffee, beetroot shots (so good for you!) and more..

28 March 2014

Photo Diary Day 1, Copenhagen

As many of you will know, Alex and I recently took a trip to Scandinavia to explore new architecturey and foodie delights. In the next few posts I will be sharing our adventures with you in the form of a photo diary (so don't worry no word heavy posts here!), with some top tips and ideas. I would thoroughly recommend both Copenhagen and Stockholm to any avid traveler. 

General Notes
  • Denmark, by British standards, is very expensive. A coffee will start at about 30DKK (£3) for a single espresso and can hit almost 59DKK for a hot chocolate (£5.90!!)
  • Generally the Danes speak brilliant English with no need for awkward "do you speak English" conversations
  • It is very easy to get around Copenhagen on public transport or bikes.

18 April 2012

Bonjour Paris!

Unless you didn't guess from the title, or my recent Facebook posts, I am going to Paris! This amazing city holds dear memories for me as I have been visiting it since I was a child with my family. I last went in 2010, with my boyfriend Alex, as an 18th birthday trip. Now, as we head towards finishing university and the impending boom of never ending bills, we felt it was the perfect time to make the most of our last summer holiday and travel as much as possible. First stop: Paris!
Over the next few months, I will be posting various ideas for our trip regarding food, tourism and beauty hide outs. This reference book will provide not just me, but you dear readers, with some hidden away gems to be found in the city of love. Today we look at the most important meal of the day; Breakfast.  

La Masion Angelina
When we arrive, exhausted and looking slightly hellish I'm sure, in to the beauty of Paris we are definitely spoilt for choice with regards to brekafast. Our train arrives 2 hours before we can check in to our hotel, so we have pleantly of time to kill, and plan to find breakfast on our walk to the hotel. Last time we visited Paris, and infact when we visit any city, we find that you see so much more through walking than taking a taxi or the Metro train. This way, you are making the most of the little time you have there.
So on to breakfast. Le Maison Angelina, founded in 1903, has been providing Parisians and tourists alike with beautiful breakfasts, brunches, lunches and afternoon tea. Despite the extortionately high price tag, this will be a trip of style and hence I am not planning on holding back my enjoyment at such beautiful establishments.
For breakfast, there is a choice of the Parisian Breakfast at 20 euros, or the Angelina Breakfast at 32 euros. Yes the price is frankly startling for a breakfast, however when converted you are looking at £16 for the Parisian and £26 for the Angelina- around the same price for Le Pain Quotiden in London. With the Parisian breakfast, you recieved:
Tea, coffee or Angelina hot chocolate
Fresh juice - Orange, grapefruit or lemon
Mini viennese pastries - Croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins
Moisan organic bread roll with butter, Angelina honey & jam

However, we could opt for the Angelina Breakfast to share, as it is effectively a buffet of Paris' best breakfast foods. For the mere (!) price of 32 euros, you get:

Moisan organic bread rolls with butter, Angelina honey & jam
Seasonal fresh fruit salad
- & a choice of
Eggs "My Way" (scrambled, benedict, fried, soft boiled or omelet)
Kaspia Smoked salmom from norway- Blini, lemon & chive cream

So for today, my taste buds are screaming to share the Angelina breakfast as I don't think I could eat a whole serving to myself. Now to go and cry in to my Weetabix that I cannot eat this deliciousness until July!
Ellie x