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18 March 2015

Les Mills BodyCombat at Reebok Fit Hub, King's Road

Oh yes – I’m back with more fitness chat today. Don’t worry my lovely foodie readers, my food posts will continue but soon I will be revealing a slightly new direction for the ol’ blog. Keep your eyes peeled!

As I said in my last Reebok posts, I am heading closer to my 10k race with every day that passes. Not only that, since joining ClassPass (seriously go do it, it’s amazing!), I have found that I am falling deeper in love with health and fitness. Alongside this my overall fitness is becoming a part of my ongoing journey to finding peace with my body. Last week, a fitness friend and I headed to the Reebok FitHub on the King's Road for a Les Mills BodyCombat class. The class is a mix of Thai Kwando, Karate, kick boxing and boxing – meaning you kick some real ass!

I interviewed our instructor Linda about the beginnings of Les Mills BodyCombat and how you learn more about using it in your work out. To book your FREE class at your local Reebok FitHub justclick on this link. See you on the mat!

27 February 2015

Les Mills Bodybalance at Reebok Fit Hub, Kings Road

Another fitness post? Say what!

Yes as I head closer to my 10k Race For Life later this year I am stepping up my exercise routine. Don't worry I will still have lots of naughty but nice recipes and restaurant reviews for you to enjoy, but for those of you who like to work up a sweat today's post is for you.  As part of my ongoing journey to finding peace with my body through exercise, myself and a friend headed to the Reebok FitHub on the King's Road for a Les Mills Bodybalance class. The class is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates meaning you work up a sweat in a graceful and controlled way. 

I interviewed our instructor Ira about the beginnings of Les Mills BodyBalance and how you learn more about using it in your work out. To book your FREE class at your local Reebok FitHub just click on this link. See you on the mat!

18 February 2015

Animal Flow at Sweaty Betty, Muswell Hill

As part of my ongoing journey to finding peace with my body through exercise, I headed on down to one of Sweaty Betty's new FlyFlexFlow classes in Muswell Hill. Part of their Get Fit 4 Free campaign, the class I chose was Animal Flow. Sound bizarre? Well it is a fantastic work out that got us sweating without the hours on the treadmill. As you can see in the video below I mess up a few of the moves, but it's all about practise and believing in yourself.
I interviewed our instructor Edita about the beginnings of Animal Flow and how you learn more about using it in your work out. To book your FREE class at your local Sweaty Betty, just click on this link. See you on the mat!

1) What are the beginnings of Animal Flow; where does it come from? 
Animal flow has been around for a few years. It's a training program that originates in us and was created by Mike Fitch, where animalistic movements combined with elements of yoga, gymnastics, parkour and breakdancing are brought together and combined, creating a beautiful flow. 

2) What are the key moves or 'rules' in Animal Flow?
In the Animal Flow you will come across the moves like ape, beast, crab, scorpion and more. Every move is performed in a particular way and the moves are put together to achieve unbroken flow. Once you will master the moves, you can freestyle and create your own flow. 

3) What are the physical benefits of Animal Flow compared to traditional strength training?
Animal Flow will help you become more flexible and stronger. It will help you to move better and will change your body shape. 

4) Are there any mental, spiritual or emotional benefits to Animal Flow? If so, what?
It is a very enjoyable routine! It's great because you can take with you everywhere. There's no equipment needed, only a big of space and even a few minutes of Animal Flow will make you feel better. It's a perfect holiday workout too. 

5) How long have you been teaching Animal Flow? What made you first approach the technique? 
I've been practising Animal Flow for over a year and teaching for about six months. I love bodyweight training so I knew straight away that Animal Flow was for me. At the end of the month I'll be traveling to Miami for Animal Flow Level 2 training. My goal is to learn new moves and also improve my form. Animal Flow is a practise, a bit like yoga or dance, only constant practise can you make you better. 

6) Do you have any recommendations for newbies at Animal Flow? 
Yes! Come and try, come back and do more. Stay focused and you will master the moves. 

7) How often should you practice and should you use Animal Flow alongside any other types of exercise? If so, are there any in particular.
It's very individual. You can do Animal Flow every day or once a week; it can be your workout or part of your regular training session. 

I am so glad to have discovered Animal Flow myself. I love putting the music on and just flowing in my lounge. I can certainly see my body shape changing; I'm more flexible and stronger. I do lift weights too and I enjoy running. I'm training for the London Marathon at the moment, and Animal Flow is certainly making me a stronger athlete.

To book your FREE class at your local Sweaty Betty, just click on this link.

16 December 2014

Reebok's Christmas Survival Guide:

Over the festive period we can all let the old healthy eating go. I know myself I am addicted to Twiglets and just cannot say no to one too many pigs in blankets. Christmas is a time of indulgence and with the season getting longer every year (most retailers start in July!), the opportunity for excessive eating and drinking is bigger. My Christmas party was at the start of December, and I know that every day of Christmas week 3-course meals are on the menu. To help us to stay in shape, I chatted to Stacey Jacques, fitness specialist and BSc Sport & Exercise graduate at Reebok, about keeping in shape over the festive season.

4 March 2014

Valentine Warner and Philadelphia

Philadelphia soft cheese has been awarded The Good Dairy Commendation by The Compassion in World Farming! How amazing is that? This not only means that Philadelphia is being recognised for their dedication to sustainability but also animal welfare standards. Aditi Doshi, Brand Manager at Philadelphia says, “At Philadelphia we believe food should amplify the joy of life, that’s why we are constantly working on the quality of our product to make it more delicious. We are delighted to be recognised by Compassion in World Farming for our efforts to source our milk from farms with outdoor grazing and the best possible animal welfare conditions.”

To help Philadelphia celebrate this incredible achievement, chef and campaigner Valentine Warner has joined the team to create a collection of delicious meals using Philly products. In an earlier statement, he said: "I couldn’t be happier to be involved and congratulate Philadelphia on taking the necessary steps to ensure their cows have a better quality of life. For me, eating great quality produce makes for a great life!” I spoke to Valentine about this milestone and about his own career.

How do you feel about Philadelphia winning the GDC award?
"This award is encouraging because when big companies get involved with compassionate world farming or on any level about raising food and animal welfare standards it raises the bar for all the other big companies. It's a start but there is always further to go"

Do you think Philadelphia winning this award will encourage other big brands to review their animal welfare standards?
“I think it is encouraging. Like fried chicken companies reviewing how they might be looking after their chickens, or burger companies thinking what are they doing with eggs. How are pigs being reared? It really matters. You need the big companies to join in too because ultimately they’re the people who are churning out greater numbers, and greater quantities. If their practices aren’t good then.. well that isn’t good”

Alongside Philadelphia's new award, you were part of The Pig Idea with Thomasina Miers. Why do you think these issues are so important?

"There’s more of us on this planet the whole time, we’ve got some serious food issues going on. We waste stunning amounts of food which we simply don’t have the right to waste. We don’t have the right to waste food full stop, especially when we know there are people that don’t have food to eat; it’s kind of disgraceful. Now is the time; we’ve just got to get onto this."

Why do you think The Pig Idea works as a concept to reduce our food waste?

"The Pig Idea, now there is waste food that is going on to produce more food; it’s being put back into the food chain therefore it makes sense. You’re using waste to grow stuff rather than just binning it."

Why do you think we waste so much food?

"It’s happening a lot because our own food knowledge's diminishing. We’re not rural anymore: we’re urban. So with that change you get a disappearance of information, and when you don’t know how to feed yourself properly you don’t know how to get the most out of your food so you start wasting it. Also, the more comfortable a country becomes the more food waste goes up. When I was travelling around last year in Lapland and parts of Canada where people have less and are more rural communities they do not waste food."

Do you think that schools should be reintroducing home economics into the curriculum to help bring food knowledge back?

“I think 100% it should be more important. If my child said to me at 16 or 18 'I’m a grown up' - well frankly if you can’t cook for yourself then you’re not a grown up. It’s a life skill and the food you know about food the more variety you can have, the more you can save money and you have more choices. Children soak up information; if they see 'Home Economics' they may think 'I don’t think I want to do that course', but if you call it 'Fire and Knives' I think they’d be all over it."

Lets move onto the BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming awards. Are there any nominations you're particularly excited about?

"I couldn’t possibly tell you that! There’s a lot of really interesting producers and what was horrible for me and Sheila (Dillon, presenter of Radio 4’s Food Programme) as we had more nominations than we’ve ever had before, was to actually put things on the ‘no’ pile. Who am I to crush someone’s endeavour? It’s lovely that people are being industrious and using the ingredients that counties and parts of the UK have become famous for.    We’ve got a really strong shortlist and the finalists the year...well it’s a really great list."

What is judging the Food & Farming awards like?

"The only problem for me was where someone would love a company or producer but wouldn’t tell you enough about it or spend long enough writing about it. We wanted more information but there has to be initial screening because we can’t look up every single of the 1,600 different producers online and go into it. In the beginning you have to rely on what you’re reading, then you get a smaller list and then you start going online." 

Quick Fire Round
What is your top restaurant recommendation for Scandinavia?
"Ekstedt in Stockholm. It's amazing and everything is cooked over wood." 

If you could only eat one breakfast what would it be?
"Eggs cooked only in butter and milk, with bacon. On an amazing piece of bread with amazing quality butter."

If you could have a dinner party with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? 
"My Dad, because I miss him.' 

I will be rustling up some of Valentine's yummy recipes later this month including Philadelphia on grilled sourdough with green herb sauce, and ginger biscuits with Philadelphia and butterscotch. so look out for those. Also thanks to Valentine's suggestions keep an eye out for my explorations in Stockholm and you can learn more about the Food & Farming awards on BBC Radio 4. Trust me, it's well worth a listen!