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12 June 2017

NOW CLOSED! Win a Breakfast Hamper from #WakeUpToOrganic

Fancy winning something delicious? Read on...

Morning all! This post is going out bright and early at 6am to catch you morning larks with something truly wonderful. You know that first meal of the day (breakfast, brekkie, le petit déjeuner etc)? I want to know - what do you eat? Is it porridge with almond milk and lashings of beautiful honey; a cheeky bacon buttie rich with butter and ketchup;  a full-on fry up with sweet beans, hash browns, mushrooms and fried eggs; or my favourite, avocado toast served simply on sourdough? And further to that, which ingredients do you pick? Do you prioritize price over provenance? Is organic important to you? Do you plan something special for the weekend or simply pick up what you fancy on the day? I'm nosy - please share! 
Nosiness aside, this is also your chance to win a fabulous breakfast courtesy of Wake Up To Organic day on 14th June. The a national event will celebrate the beauty of organic food and support local independent shops and cafes. Stores and cafes across London will be hosting events to raise awareness about the benefits of organic food, and how easy it can be to make the switch to organic - there's even free classes and giveaways going on! Get involved by sharing your breakfast on my Twitter page (there's a pinned tweet on there) or in the comments below.

If you're in London, why not go along to a FREE event on the morning of the 14th? Here's a list of confirmed stores taking part in the fun: 
-       Le Pain Quotidien
-       Whole Foods Market 
-       As Nature Intended
-       Oliver’s
-       Food For Thought
-       Good Food
-       Coffee Plant
-       Eden Organic
-       Hawkins & Peddlers
-       Noah’s Health Store
-       Alara Health Food Store and Organic Café
-       Healthy Stuff
-       Earth Natural Foods

Here's some of my favourite breakfast combinations, made in collaboration with Wake Up To Organic.

Simple Avocado Toast
 - organic sourdough bread, toasted
- 1/2 an avocado, mashed
- olive oil, to drizzle
- lashings of Maldon sea salt, to sprinkle
- cracked black pepper
- a scattering of feta (optional)

Protein-Rich Overnight Oats
- organic rolled oats
- Greek yoghurt, to soften the oats
- a drizzle of organic honey, for sweetness
- blueberries (I use frozen)
- chopped strawberries (I use fresh)
- a sprinkling of mixed seeds, for healthy fats

Scrambled Eggs, Salmon and Steamed Spinach on Pitta Bread
- wholemeal pitta bread, toasted
- 2 organic, free-range large eggs - poached, scrambled of fried 
- whole milk, if scrambling
- plenty of seasoning
- organic smoked Scottish salmon (use flakes if you like)
- organic spinach
- organic butter, to cook the spinach

Simple All-Butter Croissants with Confitures

- organic all butter croissants (or pastry of your choice)
- organic French confitures - try damson, it's divine! 

15 December 2016

NOW CLOSED! A Winter Warmer from The Tabl

Fancy winning a Christmas treat? At this time of year we are (rightly so) buying gifts for those we love, but this year Tabl want to treat YOU to a present of your own!
Tabl is a community platform where fantastic food producers, supper club holders and foodie fans can come together and share the love. Whether you're looking for the perfect present for that picky person in your life or chasing the adventure of unknown flavours, Tabl has the answer.

I love taking a healthy approach to classic recipes or adding that certain something to established foods to make them sing, and that's exactly want Tabl want to hear from you. Simply comment below this post, or Tweet me, you favourite winter warmer recipe with a twist! Why not update one of the below fabulously festive favourites? 

  1. Mince Pies 
  2. Leftovers
  3. Christmas Cocktail
  4. Winter warmer drink
  5. Stuffing
Here's my recipe for red wine and honey spiced hot chocolate, or chocolate spiced mulled wine depending on your view point!
Red Wine & Honey Spiced Hot Chocolate

1. Begin with whole milk. It's natural fats will help the chocolate to melt slowly and create a really creamy finish. Pour two mugfulls into a small saucepan and pop the heat on. Low and slow is the game here.

2. Add in your solid hot chocolate. I'm using Cocoba's 71% Ecaudor Origin Dark Chocolate. Allow this to slowly melt down. 
3. Once the chocolate has fully melted add in two table spoons of red wine and a table spoon of honey. Normally one would cook out the alcohol in the wine but I like my treats extra naughty. I've used a Chateau du Fort Pontis (2011) Fronsac Bordeaux and Pearly Queen London Honey from Enfield. 
4. Allow this to reduce down a little and pour into your favourite mug! Enjoy!


Don't forget to Tweet or Comment with your recipe for a chance to win a lovely Christmas pressie from Tabl!

24 January 2016

NOW CLOSED! Win a Breakfast Hamper worth £100

This week, I’m giving you, my lovely readers, the chance to win a £100 luxury hamper of breakfast goodies – the perfect way to enjoy Breakfast Week (24-30th January)! Although these are not all vegan options, I am delighted to include organic, fairtrade teas, incredible jams from the London Jam Factory and even a professional bread knife to cut the breakfast essential toast.

The collection of delectable products to help you enjoy the most important meal of the day includes…
  • A selection of Bio-tiful Dairy’s kefir drinks including the brand’s two new Morello Cherry and Honey & Mint Kefir Smoothies! Bursting with live authentic cultures and one of the most probiotic rich foods available, kefir fans include supermodels and top nutritionists. Find out more about the award-winning brand
  • Five beautiful preserves from The London Jam Factory. The artisan producer develops luxurious flavour pairings using fruit, flowers, spices and herbs to create the perfect something to dollop on your crumpet or smother on to sourbread toast. For more information visit  
  • Three packets of Hampstead Tea’s biodynamic, organic and Fairtrade premium teas. Single-estate sourced from The Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, the world’s first Bio-Dynamic Demeter certified tea estate, Hampstead Tea use only tea leaves grown in total harmony with nature and in an environment free of chemical pesticides. Teas include: Zesty Ginger Green – a lively blend of ginger root and tropical lemongrass reputed for their cleansing and aromatic qualities, pure Darjeeling – Hampstead’s signature award-winning tea is an easy drinking aromatic tea with gentle, floral, muscatel tones. An exquisitely rounded and mellow tea, the Darjeeling autumnal flush is delicious with a slice of lemon or on its own and Strong English Breakfast – a full strength tea combining both Assam and East African tea leaves, this bold blend is rich and rousing with malty tones. For more information visit:
  • A Sabatier Professional bread knife from Taylor’s Eye Witness. If you’re looking for premium kitchen knives that will last you a lifetime or stylish kitchen gadgets to smarten up your kitchen, then look no further than Taylor’s Eye Witness, the experts in technical knife knowledge and their range of knives, hand-crafted in Sheffield by skilled craftsmen. For more information visit
  • Two jars of honey from artisan Greek food brand, Odysea. Traditionally gathered and produced to preserve the natural flavour and nutrients, Odysea’s unique range of 100% pure Greek honeys combine flavoursome ingredients to deliver superior taste and quality with every spoonful. Nurtured by Alexandros Gousiaris in the small village of Ilias in central Greece,Odysea Pine & Fir Tree Honey and Odysea Wild Thyme & Fragrant Herb Honey are a deliciously sweet way to tantalise your taste buds. For further information visit  

To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favourite breakfast dish. I will also be running this giveaway on Twitter so you have two chances to enter! The winner will be contacted by email after the competition closes on the 30th of January at 23.59. 

Good luck!