Brunch at Bon Vivant, Bloomsbury


As a certified Francophile (OK, not certified), I go crazy for anything French in London. Breton top, check. Basket on my bike with a baguette in, check. Speaking French at any opportunity, check. And now, I can add French BRUNCH to the list. At Bon Vivant, the naughtiest new arrival in Bloomsbury, our favourite meal of the day, brunch, gets flipped up and renamed as 'drunch' to be reflective of the bottomless booze option. I feel like 'drunch' may be my new favourite word. 
And while it may be my favourite word, we were horrifically hungover from two nights of architecture parties so completely avoided 'drunch', voting instead for strong AF coffee and sweet orange juice. The juice came topped with fresh orange slices and the strong coffee dusted with chocolate, so it was a sugary start to the day.
Our 'pre-drunch' folowed the sugar theme in the form of a beautiful basket of pastries. This is a pretty classic French breakfast of pain aux raisin, pain au chocolate and chunks of fresh bread. As a child, I would always order a hot chocolate alongside this basket of beautifulness when we were in Paris - it makes the perfect dipping partner! Both pastries were soft and rich with butter, but maintained a flakiness that only comes from great pastry. The bread selection was also really nice, mixing up the traditional white baguette with rye baguette and a seeded wholemeal version. The accompanying confitures were also delightful. 
For the main I event I went with.... avocado toast. Please don't hate me; it's literally my favourite dish in the world. This version came topped with two poached eggs (lovely, well-cooked, yolky), a sprinkling of smoked paprika (genius) and fresh parsley (pointless). While the dish was perfectly nice, the avocado was stone cold which really jarred with the warm poached eggs. My advice, take it out the fridge before service.  
 By contrast to my green goodness, Alex went for the utterly indulgent pancake stack with bananas, chocolate sauce and berry compote. The pancake batter was light and fluffy with the texture of a sponge cake which was DIVINE. The chocolate sauce was elevated when paired with the berry compote and the bananas gave even more sweetness. If you don't have a sweet tooth, opt for the egg and bacon version, otherwise I definitely recommend this version.  
 I was also going to like Bon Vivant; it's French, it's in the pretty Bloomsbury district and you can sit outside on the wraparound terrace. But, truly, the food was the real clincher. There's really nothing better than a strong coffee and a perfectly made pastry to start your morning and when you add pancakes you're certainly in for a whale of a time.

Thank you Bon Vivant for hosting this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.  

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