A Week (Or So) With MealPal


For the last two weeks, I've really been treating myself. I've reached the end of my time with my current company and ahead of my next move decided to try out some of the delicious lunch offers available in central London. To make my edible adventure a little more cost-efficient (and frankly time-efficient) I teamed up with MealPal - a London/US-based lunch program that gives you access to the best restaurants for less than £5.00 per meal. Their goal is to provide a fast, fun, and efficient system to get you delicious and affordable lunch every day.
I used their lovely little app for just over two weeks to explore the Fitzrovia area at lunchtimes but, because of my pickiness, ended up eating at the same place 4 times. Here's how it works:
  1. Download the MealPal app and sign-up to your chosen plan.
  2. From 5pm the day before, select the meal you want and the time you want to collect.
  3. Pick up your lunch the next day and enjoy, knowing it's already paid for, you don't need to make any decisions and you're enjoying something fresh. 

The kitchen closes at 9:30am the day of collection. You can provide reviews of the lunch after you've collected it, constantly editing your preferences so that MealPal can give you dedicated suggestions for the next day. Delicious, right?! MealPal offers two subscriptions: 
  • Lunch a Lot: Up to 20 meals per 30-day cycle, £4.39 per meal, including VAT and fees. 
  • Lunch a Bunch: Up to 12 meals per 30-day cycle, £4.79 per meal, including VAT and fees.

Unsurprisingly, I ate at my favourite spot The Detox Kitchen more than any other place. Their offering is actually a bargain if you're ordering through MealPal rather than directly with the cafe. I enjoyed both the green veggie and sweet potato frittatas, both served with a range of daily salads including butterbean and fennel; raw slaw; and curried sweet potato. While eating in the cafe, I also purchased a cheeky coffee now and then which I guess is part of the MealPal plan!

On my 'treat' days, I also enjoyed a veggie burger from Patty&Bun with an absolute tonne of fries (again, another absolute BARGAIN!) and panko sweet potato katsu curry with sushi and salad from this tiny place in East London which I can't remember the name of. This is the joy of MealPal; you can literally get anything you fancy all for the same price! Such a joy!
I would definitely recommend giving MealPal a whirl, even if you just try it for a month the savings are immeasurable if you buy lunch every day. The variety is fantastic and it also pushes you to leave the desk at lunchtime - something we could all day with doing more of.

Thank you to MealPal for providing me with this service on a complimentary basis.  

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