Psycle London, Fitzrovia


A little known fact about me (unless you read my Blogger FAQs post last week), is that exercise and fitness are of high importance to me. I may not eat clean 100% of the time, but maintaining a healthy body and happy mindset is at the top of my priorities list. Alongside going to classes at the gym 3-4 times a week, I love trying out new classes and ideas from clubs across London. Case-in-point today, Psycle London in Fitzrovia. This conveniently located spinning club is the height of exercise luxury, and the class will whip you into shape without you even realising.

Situated behind the bustling streets of Oxford Circus, Psycle is a haven for fitness fiends. With two dedicated studios in the basement and the most stunning changing areas I have ever experienced, Psycle is definitely at the luxury end of the exercise arena. Thanks to Ibibery London I had two free passes, so Alex and I went along for a class with the lovely Natalie.

We were very kindly greeted by the friendly staff at reception, given shoes, directions and advice for the class. Lockers are electronically operated allowing you to use your own four-diget code avoiding the need for keys. Once changed, we headed down to Studio 2 for our class.

Set up in the dark with night-club style lighting throughout, the class was teaming with sweaty regulars and plenty of staff on hand to help newbies like us. We were taught how to clip our shoes into the bike (known as cleats) - which may I add is a bloody challenge in itself. Natalie introduced herself and began the class gently by ensuring everyone was clipped in and ready to roll.

And then it started - I actually began to enjoy spinning, which has been the class that I have loved to hate since I began gym-ing four years ago. We were guided through exercises that used the full body to its best. Movements around the handle bars, press ups, lots of clapping, standing, sitting, crouching; you name it, we did it. However, the key thing to note here is that although I was sweating more than I have at any class in months I felt completely invigorated, enthused and inspired. At no point did I feel like I was dying and I really loved the class.
Psycle prides itself on their choices of music and I must say it works wonders on keeping your feet peddling and your mind on feeling positive. It did feel like a great night out; those impromptu ones where you discover new music, enjoy some cheesy classics and dance the night away - or rather spin the night away! 

After class we disposed of our shoes and class towels, then headed back upstairs to change. Much to Alex's annoyance, I took absolutely ages in the changing rooms. The showers had Bumble & Bumble hair products and stunning Ila body and face washes, all of which were nut free!! Almost unheard of! I spent ages under the power shower relaxing after the class and surrounded by invigorating scents. After the shower, there are body lotions from Ila, Right Guard deodorant, GHD blow dryers and straighteners plus handy hair bands, Q-tips, face pads and tissues all of which I made good use off. TMI?
Anyway I left Psycle feeling absolutely amazing. Riding this cloud of positivity I have swiftly booked in for my next class in 4 weeks time. Sounds like a long time? Well Pscyle classes are priced at £20 per time hence this will be a once-a-month treat.

Look out for my next exercise piece soon!

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