Dinner at Kerbisher & Malt, Hammersmith


After a hellish week at work, your luck feels like its in the gutter and the world feels generally miserable t is natural to crave the food of childhood. For me, my mother always served up stuff from the freezer with lashings of butter and always bread. And despite my move into adulthood being a slightly healthier one, Friday night called for a reminder of those days.

As a British classic, fish and chips seems to be the meal that (outside of a damn good roast dinner) brings all us grumpy Brits together. But of course we still want an element of style; so please welcome to the stage Kerbisher & Malt.

Voted London's best contemporary fish and chip shop by Esquire magazines, the best fish and chip shop by the Financial Times and a simply delicious piece of the British Seaside by the Evening Standard, Kerbisher & Malt is certainly stacking up it's praises. Notably one of this countries best chefs, Heston Blumenthal believes that ""K&M takes the very essence of a chippy and just makes it so much better", whilst the Sunday Telegraph wants to write love poems to the chips.

Now it's time for my review. I mean, I can hardly argue with the best in British restaurants and media, however I want to top them. K&M is simply heaven to anyone who wants quality, comfort and a knock of nostalgia to their day. I guarantee you, a visit to K&M will make your troubles seem so inconsequential that you can lavish in the brilliance of good fish and chips.

I opted for the not-so-traditional but family favourite, fish finger sandwich and chips. There was absolutely no way I was going to have brown bread, and the white loaf was rammed to the brim with crisp fish fingers with incredibly soft fish flake. The bread was lavished with butter and frankly drowned in ketchup (on my part). The combination seriously made me so incredibly happy- within an hour I'd gone from crying on a train platform to squealing with happiness. This stuff is seriously good. There is no wetness that you can get from frozen fishfingers, and the different components all hold their flavour and texture well.

Alex chose the much more traditional fish and chips. With five fish on the menu (cod, pollock, haddock, plaice and coley) you can choose your flavour and be sustainable. All the fish are sustainably sourced which is a lovely extra to your good feelings. Alex opted for haddock based on its slightly sweeter taste. The batter was just amazing! It was really light and didn't have the dampness on the inside that you can often experience when cooking frozen fish. Both dishes came with the most delicious chips I have ever eaten. I could write entire books on how much I hate "chicken shop chips", also known as french fries, when served with fish. It is just wrong. So these large, crispy yet soft and not at all greasy wonderful potato chips were an absolute gift from heaven.

Overall: I would recommend K&M to anyone who loves traditional fish and chips, but is perhaps feeling despondent with their local greasy joint. The chips are to die for, and the range of products on the menu allow for the whole family to be fed happily. I would thoroughly recommend getting the lemon mayo alongside your food choices as the lemon flavour works excellently with both the chips and fish. 

I visited the Kerbisher & Malt in Hammersmith/Brook Green. It is located at 164 Shepherd's Bush Road, W6 7PB. There is a second K&M located in Ealing at 55 New Broadway, W5 5AH.

Rating: 9/10

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