Brunch at Pimlico Fresh, Pimlico


Pimlico Fresh, Pimlico 

Ok, but nothing to write home about.

This week’s review is brought to you all the way from Pimlico, South West London. I know, seriously pushing the boat out. After a tough trawl through Google for breakfast locations near Victoria (we had visitors), I found a delightful looking establishment: Pimlico Fresh.

Located at 86-87 Wilton Road, Pimlico Fresh aims to bring fresh, fast and healthy food to diners at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is pencilled into the chalkboard wall, which despite the cool aesthetic element, is slightly confusing. But never mind. The range of breakfasts available encompasses many needs; from a hearty full English to a healthy bowl of porridge.

Although I refuse to eat porridge during these breakfast reviews as it is what I eat for breakfast everyday during the working week, I genuinely wish I had ordered it on this occasion. I opted for smoked salmon with scrambled eggs- one of my favourite breakfasts for the weekend. It was…ok. I mean there was nothing horrific about it at all. The eggs were soft and manageable, with a good balance between the dishes three elements. A little niggle was that the salmon was light pink, indicating it had been cooked at some point. My personal preference is for raw smoked salmon. Aside from that it was all OK. 

Informative I know, but honestly I don’t feel like Pimlico Fresh is a destination I would want to make a song and dance about. However, I always take a guest to my breakfast dates and Pimlico Fresh has given me the opportunity to explain their relevance;

Alex opted for the granola- a dish he has everyday at home but this decadent version was a little treat. The natural yoghurt was adorned with fruits (both fresh and dry), a “delicious” granola which expertly blended nuts, grains and more dried fruits. Overall the dish was gloriously healthy but felt like a real treat. This is something I look for when reviewing: I want to feel like I’m eating luxury, decadence and just a bit special without feeling weighed down by the price or the ridiculously high fat content. Am I being picky?

So whilst Pimlico Fresh may be the home of fast, fresh breakfasts that hit the spot for some, unfortunately it isn’t for me. As a final redeeming point, my coffee was lovely and smooth and retained warmth really well. The froth was a touch too bitter for me, but again that’s personal preference.

I won’t be giving Pimlico Fresh a rating because I feel that this café really divided the table. Alex and my other guest were very happy with their breakfasts and coffee, and I was moaning Myrtle in the corner. 
If you’re in SW1 and fancy a fresh juice and don’t mind spending £4 a glass then head right on down to Pimlico Fresh. I’m going to leave this one up to you dear readers.

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