Brunch at Haberdashery, Crouch End


Issue 4: Haberdashery, Crouch End

I loved Haberdashery so much, I went twice.

This weekend I headed to Haberdashery in Crouch End with a new dining partner; my best friend Kati. It is always good to take different people to these reviews as you gain totally different perspectives, but with Haberdashery we were totally in love.

After a hard night of drinking and catching up with long lost family, I was feeling pretty rough on Saturday morning.  I almost considered not going out to do my breakfast review, but the pull of Haberdashery was just too strong. We jumped off the 41 bus, walked down Middle Lane/Topsfield Parade (a Crouch End characteristic of double naming roads) and spotted the bunting of Haberdashery a mile off.

 We arrived to a seriously busy front room, full of young families and couples having breakfast. The smell of baking bread and bacon fused the air with deliciousness and had me salivating before we even sat down. "If you want peace and quiet you should sit out the back", said our lovely waitress- all the staff were actually great and really positive. So off to the back we went, immediately ordering two large orange juices with our sunglasses still firmly in place.

Hang over aside, these orange juices were delicious. Still warm as at the Front Room from being freshly pressed, the juice was really fresh and vibrant. I ditched the idea of being 'adventurous' with my breakfast choice and chose a bacon and egg roll, whilst Kati had French toast with bananas. The menu is really varied with a good selection of options from light and healthy granolas and porridge, to hearty and warming bacon butties and French toast.

Both arrived swiftly, along with a WARM skinny latte! Yay! I think I have found the cure for cold latte's that seems to have plagued my journey so far- use a bowl, not a cup. Luckily for drunkards like me, Haberdashery provides their hot drinks in soup style bowls, meaning they stay warm during breakfast and don't require any annoying handles. The coffee was incredibly smooth despite being made from skimmed milk (at request).

I adore the kitsch crockery selection, and the plates reminded me of breakfasts at my Grandmother's when I was young. My portion was very well considered, with not too much of each item in the breakfast to over-power the rest. My egg was perfectly fried and the yolk deliciously runny- although I did massacre it in ketchup, frankly at absolute essential. My only gripe was the char-grilling of the bread roll which is wonderfully arty, but gave an edge of bitterness to my breakfast which isn't to me taste.

Kati's breakfast of bananas and French toast was equally delicious, although the incredibly thick crusts were a little difficult to cut with the butter knife provided. There could have also been a better banana-to-bread ratio as 1/2 a banana to a large piece of bread does seem a little stingy. The flavour was "EPIC" in her words; a perfect mix of heat and sugar.

There is such a large range of cliental at Haberdashery, and the overall theme is really well executed. As with Vagabond, the 1950's theme oozed from the walls, although this had a more street-party feel. The vintage music mused well with the bunting and mis-matched everything! Even the lamps, chairs and cables followed the theme through creating a wonderfully homely and warming vibe.

I went to Haberdashery the next day and ate exactly the same, and the consistency is perfect. It tasted still excellent and most certainly cured my lingering hangover- note to self, I do not handle red wine well!

Overall rating: 9/10

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